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Business ideas to earn 2 lakh per month

Business ideas to earn 2 lakh per month

Everyone wants to start a business of their own, but investing is a problem for many people. But, some people are ready to invest low amount. So they look for business ideas under 2 lakhs.

Automobiles reseller is the best idea to start with. If you are interested in biking, then this business is an added advantage for you. You can earn a lot of money by selling the extra fittings along with the bike. All you need is some amount of money to buy a second-hand bike and do some alterations to resell it. A best business ideas under 2 lakhs.

If you have some space in your home, you can start this business with less than 2 lakhs of investment. These days there are always in demand for any courier service, so there is no chance of failure in this business.

If you are interested in computer hardware, easily you can learn laptop service through a course and start a business. You can do this business with low-cost capital. This is absolutely a great job because these days there is nobody without a mobile. So it is obvious their mobiles will need repair work some times. So this is a success model business if you know mobile service. You can also do a simple course in mobile service with some practical knowledge and start this business with confidence.

This is an evergreen trending business, for any functions, events we need a photographer. And video editing is also very much demand these days. If you are in a city and looking for a decent income, then you can start this business with very low investment. If you have some love for kids, then this business is for you! Are you interested in teaching? You can start this business in your home with 4 computers and two teachers who can teach well.

If you offer good coaching for a low price, then for sure students will join your institute crazily. Freelance is a broad term, you can do typing job for other companies or some video editing works.

How To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month - Small Business Ideas

You can also do some engineering design works on computers for your customers. This business is always trending business with a huge demand and profit.

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Convert the company or any organization data and details into a design format. This business can be started within 2 lakhs of investment. This is a lucrative job! You can earn a lot of money through your marketing efforts. If you have confidence and good friends circle, then you can earn Rs approximately in a month. These days, mobile food shops are the trend.

If you have an interest in food making, then you can earn a very nice amount in this business. Many people choose to eat in a mobile food shop because they are drawn to the flavor that floats in the air. This business is absolutely suitable for making a good profit. If you do it in the right way, then for sure you can earn monthly.Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas to start in Times have changed dynamically and so has the market trends. It is like digging with each inch beneath arises more curiosity to get deep.

It applies to business too. While there are thousands of business ideas, only a few of them are Most Profitable. If you are looking for the list of most profitable businesses to start inthis article is for you.

These ideas are filtered based on higher profit margins that can be generated. However, in initial time, the margins could be lower, but in medium to long term, they would reward with high profits. From getting your life insurance to general insurance, the agency shows concern for you as well as immediate ones beyond your life. To create a sense of belongingness amongst the employees as well, companies like Reliance, TATA, Birla and now every such other organization have provisioned for an Insurance Policy for their staff.

While companies are providing insurance to their employees, every individual need to have life insurance and health insurance from their side too. Since this is basic in financial planning, this could turn into one of the most profitable businesses to start. With urbanization and globalization booming in the current scenario, more and more people are searching for good space to settle in. This has led to establishing a large number of Real Estate Agencies all over.

The agents tend to showcase great project deals to the clients and yield high-end margins out of the same. Contract Labor means a specified individual who signs a deal with you for providing any type of specified labor work. Nowadays the success of a project especially depends on the smooth workflow and that depends only on the labor that is working for you.

Handling and arranging labor these days are a very tedious task. So to strike a balance, a different group of Contractors is there to offer you some valuable and quick service of labor supply. If you are looking for good margins, this could be one of the most profitable small businesses to start. With land becoming one of the scarce and expensive tools, the trend of future services offices is going to change.

business ideas to earn 2 lakh per month

With the high rise in rental accommodation for professional services, it is very difficult and more struggle-some for startups and small businesses to afford a separate office space. So, to make businesses more viable and cost-optimal, they have come up with an idea of sharing the working space. Such an innovative mindset not only helps with reducing rental expenses, but also enable the sharing of expertise and skills. If you have a vacant space that can generate a productive platform, you can instigate this Co-working Space Business.

With the slogan such as Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan spreading everywhere enormously, the awareness drive for maintaining cleanliness has raised to another level.

Also dumping zone areas like re-cycling of resources, re-utilizing things to the best have been given a significant vocal these days. So, to add some brownie points to the social responsibility line, you can initiate with the Cleaning Service Business just like a Rags tag team, Dirt Devils.

Thereby adding value to your business profile and the society. It is being forecasted that businesses that stand for the collaborative economy model will invite immense fruitful responses in the coming years.

Such services not only accredit the final consumer but also facilitate the service provision and ultimately fetch great commission margins. As an example, you can earn as much as Rs 40, per month with Amazon Affiliate marketing business even without requiring any team under you.

This affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable businesses to start from home.

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Travel plan sets out to be one of the most alluring and fast-growing business in recent times. If you are a travel freak or loves to explore places, you will enjoy settling down with this Travel arrangement business proposal.

You can earn a handsome package by exploring different places, something that you love doing. What best can you ask for, if you get all in one!If you are thinking of starting a new business then a golden opportunity is standing in front of you. This business is of distributorship. Yes, India's biggest e-commerce company jogeedeals. With a very small investment, you can start your own business in your own home district and earn great profits.

This business is somewhat like the business of courier. You can get distributorship in any city. As you know, the online market has now surpassed the normal market and this is the future of shopping. So, you will certainly get many opportunities to expand your business in the future.

We at jogeedeals offers a comprehensive solution to the needs of customers for the utility products which are not easily available at retail stores, right at his door steps through conventional retail channels.

We have traveled our way from 1 product, 2 dealers, 10 employees, 12 telephone lines, 1 million worth media to 57 products, dealers, employees, in-house call center, and 50 million worth media, presence in more then cities across Asia.

We have dedicated teams to ensure that customer experiences a convenient and better shopping experience by providing product deliveries and value added services. Trending Coronavirus. For Quick Alerts.

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Notification Settings X Time Settings. Clear My notification inbox. Clear Notification X Do you want to clear all the notifications from your inbox? Yes No. Settings X. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.My friend is businessman and does not earn regular income.

He wants to invest money to get regular monthly income. To help you we have evaluated various investment option and we are herewith 10 best investment option to get regular monthly income in India. MIS broadly known as Monthly Income Scheme as name suggests one can get assured monthly return from investment under this scheme. Investment period under this scheme is 5 years. One can invest only up to 4.

Fixed Deposit FD is a low risk financial instrument where an investment is made for a fixed period of time resulting in a fixed rate of returns. This is best suited for investors with a low risk appetite and who wants to invest a fix sum of money to earn a fixed rate of interest. Fix deposit is most popular investment option which can offer monthly, quarterly, yearly return. The interest rate will depends on the tenure for which you open fixed deposit. Senior citizen saving scheme is special scheme only for senior citizens.

Investment in this scheme can be made only by people of 60 years of age or above. Interest income will be paid every 3 months. Certain mutual funds have inbuilt structure of providing regular income which is called as MIP monthly income plans. Mutual fund is most popular investment option in India. If you have invested in equity or debt mutual funds you can generate regular monthly income from mutual funds by selecting SWP systematic withdrawal plan.

This is slight risky way to generate monthly income and not advisable for those who are looking for fix kind of return.

Certain Mutual funds have option of dividend payout. Also Read :- 10 Best safe Investment Option. Equity investments are risky in nature. But if you have knowledge and skill you can make very good money in stock market. Apart from appreciation in stock value you can take benefit of dividend.

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Dividend payout from equity is on yearly basis. If you diversify your stock investment in good stock you can defiantly generate regular income. Real estate is another good way to generate regular income. Real estate investment is high risk high return affair. You can generate income by renting property purchased by you. There are risks involved in this option risk like not getting tenants or right tenants or fall in property rates.

Also Read:- Before buying property for investment. Long term government bond is one of the safest options to get regular income. These bonds are long term bonds and at the end of the tenure you will get back your principal amount. These bonds are also tradable in secondary market, so you can also sell them if you want to get rid of them.

Annuity from Insurance plan is also one option to generate regular monthly income. But this option will take time to generate income. Returns on these plans will depend on pension tenure and which option you have taken while buying the product.

As per me this is last option and not advisable, if you are not capable of doing anything else with your money you can opt for this option. What do you think about these investment options?

Which one of these is your favorite? Please share your views in comment section. Raviraj is the man behind moneyexcel.The world of internet brings plenty of opportunities that let you work from home without compromising your earning potential.

Here are a few options you can consider. Virtual assistantship includes scheduling meetings, getting in touch with clients and investors, following up on orders, creating business documents like PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets, managing blogs and websites, etc.

Virtual Assistants VAs work remotely with their clients and manage the aspects of their business that they are too busy to handle themselves. Becoming a VA can entail some degree of training or briefing, depending on your qualifications. However, if you have good communication skills and are capable of using applications like MS Office, you can just sign up on sites such as Elance.

Potential earnings: Rs Rs 4, per hour. If you know more than one languages, this might be the opportunity for you.

business ideas to earn 2 lakh per month

While being fluent in English and one or two Indian languages might serve you well enough, taking a language course can add significantly to your earning potential. Plenty of international businesses, scholars and authors would be willing to enlist your services for their translation needs if you can prove your proficiency. To start earning, enlist on a popular freelancing site like Fiverr. Potential earnings: Rs 1-Rs 5 per word.

It can go up to Rs 10 for some languages. To monetise your blog, you can sign up for Google Adsense, which will allot you ads to place on your blog. After this, it's a waiting game to see if your account is approved.

If it is, you can continue to receive ad placements and earn a steady, if not large, income from it. Adsense pays on the basis of clicks and views the ads receive.

Alternatively, you can take up affiliate marketing promoting another seller's products on your blog or product sales through your blog to turn it into a moneymaking venture. Potential earnings: Ads can pay Rs 2, a month for a 2"x2" space, depending on your niche and readership.

Adsense earnings vary widely depending on the blogger's reach and popularity. Once you decide on what you want to sell, create an inventory by buying the products wholesale, or producing a good number of them to keep up with orders, and then set the prices you want to sell them at.

To sell these items, you can register on the website of any popular online seller, from Amazon and eBay to smaller portals like indiebazaar. These portals charge a small fee for hosting your products. Potential earnings: Earnings vary according to products and pricing. After the portal's small fee is deducted, the rest of the revenue is yours. YouTube is both popular and easily accessible. If you're not camera shy or are good with a video camera, it might be the right platform for you. Choose a category or subject that you want to make videos on and get started, but make sure it's a topic that'll interest a lot of people.

Everything from cooking shows to political debates can find many takers on YouTube. You have to create a YouTube channel, which works on a similar model as a blog-as you make your channel popular and the number of subscribers grows, so will your earning potential.

Potential earnings: Rs per 1, views. Ads pay according to engagement and clicks. Do you have some understanding of coding and web design?

Start Your Own Business and Earn- 50,000 to 2 Lakh Per Month

Then you can easily work from home as a web developer. Even if you are a novice who is interested in the job, you can find dozens of easy online tutorials that can help you get started.Published by inzamam on March 1, March 1, Today, I am going to discuss 15 new business ideas in India with a low investment that will blow your mind.

I have also discussed how to earn 1 lakh per month without investment. I will also share real-life eg. These people became rich quickly despite of having:. This is the fresh and unique business idea you can start right today. Everyone has a smartphone and taking a photo requires hardly a minute. This new business idea can help you in earning 1 lakh per month from the beginning. Selling photo is the most unique and new business ideas for beginners in India. Investment Rs.

Sandeep Maheshwari started imagebazzr. This is an online photo selling website. Now the total worth of Sandeep Maheshwari is 13 crores. He is in the list of Top 5 Youtuber of India also with more than 8 million subscribers.

Amazon provides you customer base of crores in All over India. Amazon is the no. Investment Depend upon product Earning potential After 3 month 70 Thousand rupees. List your product on Amazon. For Step by Step method Read this article:. Freelancing means working from anywhere as self-employed.

No long terms bond. Here are so many websites from where you can get freelance works. Some of the best freelance website:. These websites provide you client instantly. This business needs Zero rupees Investment. Requirements for this business:. Investment zero if you have laptop already Earning First month Rs 30, per month Skills find project related to your skills Market online Employee zero beginning Location anywhere Rating 9. Search project related to your skill. Related: How to Earn Money at Freelancer.For a country to prosper it is absolutely necessary that its small and medium size businesses thrive without any government support.

It is always better to become an entrepreneur rather than staying content with a regular 9 to 5 job. Today more and more people are looking for starting their own business instead of working for a company. Individuals who want to start their own business must read the following article to know Business Ideas that they can start with an investment of Rs 1 Lakh.

Anyone with Rs 1 Lakh in their hand can start one of the following 20 businesses mentioned below. Most easiest and profitable business to start is food truck. You too can tap into it. You can easily start this business with an investment amount of Rs 1 lakh.

Major chunk of your investment will go into getting licenses and permits.

15 new business ideas in india with low investment (earn 1 lakh per month)

As far as manpower is concerned you and members of your family would be enough. For raw materials you can tie up with a vendor for a discounted price. If you find food truck business bit difficult to get started then you can think of starting a food catering business. Here you just prepare various dishes on order and then deliver it to customers at their doorsteps. However you do require a catering license. For occasions like marriage, birthday parties, anniversaries etc people will order main course dishes from you and you need to deliver them on time.

To get started you just need a kitchen, raw materials, few staff members and a budget for marketing like distributing pamphlets and sticking bills. Tiffin distribution service requires least amount of investment compared to Food truck and catering business. This is very popular business ideas under 1 lakh.

You too can get a share of this pie. You can start a milk supply business in your neighborhood and earn a decent profit. Either you can acquire milk directly from a nearest dairy farm or you can tie up as a dealer with a milk processing company.

business ideas to earn 2 lakh per month

You need to choose right kind of milk to supply. Regular pasteurized packet milk can give you the best profit margins. Tailoring and laundering business requires very low investment amount. For opening a tailoring shop you just need few sewing machines and a staff of 3 to 4 people.

You can also launder and iron cloths. For laundering you can tie up with a DhobiGhat where clothes can be laundered in bulk for a cheaper rate. Newspaper Distribution business is a very profitable business because margins are really great.

A newspaper vendor earns profit in two ways. As a newspaper vendor your role will be to collect newspapers from a depot early in the morning by paying cash upfront.